[Art Rabbits] Artist - Jialu Liu

Jialu Liu grew up in Amoy, an island city in southern China. She focused on plants, animals and artificial objects in cities. One characteristic of her photos is that only one or two elements in one frame, so viewers do not need to search through the image and will not get distracted. To understand her photography, viewers are required to explore the objects in or between her works deeply.

Her work Imprints 1 (2018) does not catch viewers’ eyes at the first sight, because there is not much variation in colour. The light and shadow on the folds of the soft sheet give the whole image a sense of gentleness. At the centre of the image, there is a footprint, shallow but clear. The footprint breaks the continuity of the sheet, however, the whole image are surprisingly harmonious. When look closer, there is a tiny seed from unknown plant sticking onto the sheet. It must be taken here by the maker of the footprint. The seed and the footprint are triggers to force people think further outside the frame.

Inprints 1, 2018 ©️Jialu Liu

In her name, Lu means ‘Egret’ in Chinese. Her hometown Amoy is called ‘the Island of White Egret’. The environment of Amoy is suitable for this kind of birds, and they are well protected. White egret is very meaningful to Jialu, it is the reason why she persists in taking photos of it. She hopes she can convey her special emotion to viewers. The photos of egret are collected in her photobook Leisure, for sure (2020), which won the Top10 of Imageless Dummy Photobook Awards (IDPA) last year. This book recorded her leisure time in Amoy from 2018 to 2020. She got many warm and sweet memories about this city, but rapid urban construction made everything look unfamiliar when she resettled there. Her perspective of the city has changed, she started treasure every moment which compose the life. Even if the moments are ordinary, for her they are real and tangible. ‘Like humid and hot evenings in summer and autumn, water vapour from the sea fills the air.’

Her photobook Leisure, for sure, 2020 ©️Jialu Liu

Night Trip of the Egret, 2018©️Jialu Liu

(The cover image of her photobook Leisure, for sure.)

A Wrangle, 2020 ©️Jialu Liu

The World in the Bubble, 2019 ©️Jialu Liu

The Gate, 2020 ©️Jialu Liu

Exhibitions and Awards

2020.08 Photobook Leisure, For Sure, Independent Publishing

2020.09 abC Art Book Fair, Shanghai, China

2021.08 Top10 of Imageless Dummy Photobook Awards (IDPA), Shanghai, China

2021.08-10 Visible Cocklebur, Group Photography Exhibition, Rabbit Hutch Photography, Adelaide, Australia

2021.10-12 A Myriad of Rooms, Group Photography Exhibition, Kinmirai Gallery Hostel, Chengdu & 原色艺术空间, Shanghai

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