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If private experiences are different kinds of natural landscapes for each person, then when each person goes out of his or her own "natural landscape," they will probably have those inspirations and experiences of private experiences attached to them unconsciously.

However, if we make a metaphor of these private inspirations and experiences to a figurative plant, it should be the "cockleburs" that often grows on plains, hills, low mountains, wilderness roadsides, and fieldsides, and easily adheres to pedestrians and animals. 

When we talk about the creation of private experiences, we are talking about the "cockleburs" that the "natural landscape" sends to the creators. And when artists go out to live and create, we, as viewers, can glimpse the "cockleburs" hanging on them through their works. 


Artsits and Series of works

Jialu Liu

Jialu Liu grew up in Amoy, an island city in southern China. Her name "Lu" means a breed of bird and she has a bird that lives with her. She also lives with a camera and a Jaguar guitar - never miss the waves of the world, gentle or hyper, amid the subtropical humidity.


I see a fading boundary between tenderness and sharpness. When I shot these moments with potential intent of capturing the tenderness of nature or artificial constructions, I found later that I was probably more attracted by the sharp elements in them. I’m not sure what was more powerful and more dominant, the exposed or the hidden, the hazy morning or the thorn, nature or artificiality. I don’t think they are always contradictory. The thorns penetrate, connect, and reinvent across each other. They silently grow in the chaos of noise, reflecting the hidden Spine of my life.

Sally Shi

Sally Shi’s practice is mainly focusing on connections between individuals and their surroundings. The photographs showed how she was struggling with her long-term emotional distress and how internal and external forces changed her perspective of observation chronologically. As a sensitive and detail-oriented photographer, she specializes in capturing specific moments with a surreal atmosphere out of daily banality,using a metaphorical visual language, as sort of escapism from the painful reality. Meanwhile, light as a symbol of pure love for the world is always playing a strong and significant role throughout her practice all the way through, showing the healing power of photography to her. 

< Romantic Chaos >

< Romantic Chaos > is an on-going project. After returning back to China, I continued to explore the boundaries between myself and others, between individuals and communities, as well as how different individuals influence and shape each other, which eventually form the life and world at this moment as they present. Hiding the intense emotions caused by various forces from all sides into the images captured in everyday life but also a little bit detached from daily look, I try to piece together another look of our peaceful world. The romantic undercurrents surge secretly and chaotically, bringing us to the unknown destiny.

Soojo Lee


Born in Moscow, Russia. She is a M.F.A. student at Tokyo University of the Arts, currently lives in Tokyo. She focuses on the history of East Asian photography development, photography theory and practice. Soojo Lee’s work is mostly based on the exploration of herself and nature, and the exploration of ethnic culture.

< Across the Mount Sumeru >

In ancient India, Mount Sumeru was the highest peak, the sacred mountain that the Sun and the Moon revolve around,  and the abode of gods. It was once pillowed by Siddhartha, and it is said If one has trekked the mountain range, they may enter the Buddha’s dream.

At the starting point of life, I migrated with my grandparents to the wilderness, where there are people who have been traveling unceasingly over Eurasia, braving the wind and dew, feeding on fruits and fountains. By the mountains as the boundary, we traveled between the west and the east. The barren nature was what we must face. Even if I moved to the city, for the sake of work and my own life, I walk into the mountains, into the wilderness all alone. In the vast expanse, men I could not see, neither could I see many living creatures, but a few. All has been given back to the nature: the wind, the forest, the mountains, the clouds, and the rain. When I enter them, I become one with the life of the world. All are dreams, cause and effect, reincarnation, and life, it is a dream, where the true is mingled with the false, like a walk in the mountains.