Scents of the City


Abstract: Join photographers Huanyu Xing and Finn Mellor on a photo-walk through the city of Adelaide and explore the intricacies of smell and its links to memory. 


Organisers: Huanyu Xing (Gallery Owner and Photographer) & Finn Mellor (Photographer and Artist)


Time and Place: 5-8pm, Fri 29 Oct 2021; meet at Rabbit Hutch Photography, Level 1/66 Gawler Place, Adelaide 


Requirements: Own a camera and have it with you! 


Cost: Free! 


Outcome: Rabbit Hutch Photography is offering free gallery space to anyone who participates in the photowalk! Simply send us your best images* from the day and the gallery will take care of printing for you!


     *Every image you submit will cost $10. This just covers the printing cost on our end. You can print as many images as you want, don’t hold back!


     **File specifications 2:3 aspect ratio,.jpg file format, 300dpi, and Adobe RGB (1998) or ProPhoto RGB colourspace. Don’t know what any of this means? Don’t hesitate to flick us a message!


     ***Printing your images is not required, but it really helps support the gallery. Plus you will get to keep your print at the end of the Exhibition!


     ****Please send your images to using Wetransfer or Dropbox within a week

A word from the Artists


The city holds many memories


As a child, I remember wandering through the busy alleys of the central markets in a state of total euphoria.


It is a place of almost overwhelming stimuli; the sight of a butcher gesticulating wildly as he attempts to sell a leg of lamb to an gullible couple; a folk band plays upon the raised stage, somehow still audible above the crowds of eager market goers; the German sweet I just consumed filling my mouth with the taste of imitation cherry; but, above all, the scents of coffee, freshly pressed orange juice, and gourmet BLT focaccia.


Of all the 5 senses, smell is the one most closely tied to memory.Even now, nearly 2 decades later, the markets still remind me of my childhood. The familiar aromas evoke a sense of nostalgia incomparable to any story my mother may tell of me.


Even those unfamiliar with Adelaide can have such experiences. Recall a memory you strongly associate with a certain smell, and simply seek it out.


Your images may be abstract. Memories are often hazy and difficult to communicate. There are no boundaries. I want you to show me the things that bind you to the past.


FInn Mellor

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